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10 Essentials For Flying

I LOVE to fly. I know, I'm weird. I actually enjoy the flying experience, and I don't generally have any anxieties or worries about it whatsoever. However, when I fly I have a checklist of essentials I know will make my experience 10x more comfortable.

With my upcoming trip to Costa Rica fast approaching (eek!), I've already started creating my packing lists to make sure nothing gets left behind, and I thought I would share with you my 10 Essentials For Flying!

1. Wireless Headphones and Spotify Playlists

Last year I bought wireless headphones for the gym, and now they have become a travel necessity for me. I hate fiddling around with wires and adapters (thanks Apple) on the plane, and with my JBL Wireless Headphones life is just so much easier. Since I don't pay for WIFI on the plane and I have a subscription to Spotify Premium, I download a bunch of playlists beforehand so I can listen offline while I fly! I download all types of music from sleeping ambient noise to vacation tunes. The ambient noise playlists help drown out the airplane noise, and I don't use any of my phone data in the process! I also throw in a pair of earbuds in my bag just in case I want to use the in-flight system to watch a movie, and bluetooth isn't available for hookup.

2. Chapstick, Hand Lotion and Sanitizer

These are MUST HAVES for me when travelling. The air on an airplane is so dry (yuck) and the planes themselves are pretty dirty (ew) so I always make sure I have good chapstick, hand lotion and sanitizer readily available.

3. Slippers

Taking your shoes off on the plane is a must, but I also think it's pretty ratchet if I'm going barefoot because let's face it: no one wants to deal with that. I always pack a pair of cozy slippers so I feel right at home!

4. Comfortable Airport Outfit

You'll never catch me traveling in a pair of jeans. A comfortable airport outfit will make or break a traveling experience. I always wear a pair of Lululemon pants, running shoes, sports bra and a comfortable hoodie. Plus, it's one less outfit I need to pack!

5. Snacks and Gum

Hello Dollarama, goodbye overpriced airport snacks! Having some decent munchables is key for a flight (especially if it's over 3 hours) and I'll grab a few different kinds ahead of time to save a few bucks. Also, don't forget to grab some gum so your ears don't pop during take off and landing!

6. Carry-On Bag with a Strap

It took me AGES to find a decent carry-on bag that was big enough for all my goodies, but also had a long cross-body strap so I didn't have to carry it around with me like a purse in the airport. I found an awesome large faux leather Puma bag at Plato's Closet for $15 a few years ago, and it has forever since been my dedicated airport carry-on bag.

7. Phone Charger


Always bring your phone charger with you on to the plane in case your luggage gets lost! Especially if you're traveling to a country outside of North America and you may need your phone to find your luggage! Same with medications - always pack whatever medications you 100% need in your carry on luggage.

8. Sunglasses

I always pack my sunglasses in my carry on, especially if I'm heading somewhere tropical. There's nothing worse than trying to dig through your luggage once you pick it up to find your shades.

9. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

The Carry-On Cocktail Kit you can grab at Indigo for around $20 (or less) and you can usually make 1-2 cocktails out of them. They have all the little essentials you need to create a wicked cocktail on the plane! You can make an Old Fashioned, G&T or Hot Toddy, and all you have to add is the booze!

10. Passport Holder

I bought a passport holder a few years ago, and it has been a lifesaver ever since! I got my passport holder (similar) at Ardene for under $10, and it has an extra pocket to hold cash, cards and my boarding pass. It's dual purpose makes access more convenient at the airport!

What are your carry on bag essentials? Is there anything you can't fly without?

Let me know in the comments below!




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