• Queen Peasant

Am I Interesting Enough to Be a Blogger?

Since 2015, I've been and on-again, off-again internet blogger. It all started with my retro inspired blog, Vinyl Voyage (RIP) and then came Queen Peasant (Versions 1-5). I've always loved writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas, but am I really interesting enough to be a blogger?

Probably not.

Do I really care?


I find that writing soothes me. I can be in an emotional crisis and feel like my life is over, and I still find the desire to write out my feelings and share them with others who might be feeling the same. I've come to learn that I'm not special by any means, and that everyone else in this world is going through something similar. It's nice to read or write something that relates to your life and gets your thoughts flowing.

Writing for Queen Peasant has actually helped me work through a lot of my own problems, and taking the time to write and reflect forces me to stop and really evaluate what is going on in my head.

I've never thought of this writing adventure as a means to make money. Some bloggers look to this as a career and only see dollar signs. To me, that's a little dishonest to the reader. I want to write with a real purpose, even if it it's just emotional scattered thoughts once a month.

I know my writing may not reach or touch a lot of people, but the people it does hit home with have let me know, and I think that's really special. It is what keeps me moving forward.

And for that, I thank you all.



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