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Travel Diary: California Dreamin'

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

I just landed not long ago from a red eye flight from LAX and I was too excited to wait until another day to tell you about my trip. I've been thinking about adding a travel section to Queen Peasant recently since I've been able to travel a little more lately, and what better way to start it off than with a quick little post about my Cali trip?

Instead of boring you with an itinerary of what I did, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite moments and pictures from the trip. The beauty essentially speaks for itself, and I feel so refreshed and relaxed. There's something about the mountains and palm trees that just makes things feel so peaceful. I spent 75% of the trip driving around and just having the hot ocean air flowing through my hair was all I needed.

First things first, my boyfriend Mike rented us a BMW 430i convertible for the week and we spent most of the first day driving around taking in the views. Our friend Dom (the pensive one in the back) lives in Burbank, so we were super close to a lot of the well known neighbourhoods like Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills...just to name a few.

On our day cruise we drove past the Comedy Store in Hollywood and saw that Dane Cook was going to be there that night. Of course we had to get tickets and for $20 each it was definitely well worth it. Bobby Lee was also there that night and I swear between the two of them I couldn't breathe from laughing so hard.

The next day we went for a nice drive out to Malibu and the Pacific Coast Highway, which is a must see if you're ever out in Cali. The highway goes right along the ocean and canyons and of course we had to drive around with the top down blasting Khalid and Avicii (RIP).

On the way we went through Tuna Canyon and stopped at the top to take in the views. These guys actually look like they're about to drop the hottest mixtape.

After going home to refresh, we headed out to Santa Monica for the night to walk the pier. I've only been to Santa Monica pier during the day so it was cool to see it all lit up at night. We walked the pier and a few blocks around the area just taking in the ocean air.

We also did some shopping in downtown Burbank and spent some time relaxing by the pool in Dom's apartment complex. I was so stoked to pick up some things that I've been wanting to order online that you can only get from California. I had to stop at Fashion Nova to grab some jeans and BH Cosmetics for some new makeup brushes. Now I won't have to pay shipping and duties and all you ladies can agree that that's quite a score!

We hit up an arcade bar while we were out there too since they are kind of my new obsession. This one was called The One Up in Sherman Oaks and although it was fairly small it had a couple of good games. Best of all - the games were free and happy hour beers were $5! A cheap way to kill time for an hour or two.

Now I've been to arcade bars in Hamilton, New York City and Los Angeles!

The boys were also super champs and endured a photo booth session with me as much as they didn't want to. Since I didn't bring my Polaroid camera it was nice to get a photo booth strip to have something to hang on the fridge back home.

We headed out to the old abandoned Los Angeles Zoo and although it wasn't quite what I was expecting (pretty subpar since most of it is actually gone) it was still interesting to see the old caves and cages that the animals used to live in. It's all been converted into a park and recreation area to hangout at.

Mike and I took Dom home after and went for a little cruise by ourselves through Beverly Hills and then through Topanga Canyon to Malibu again. We wanted to get one last PCH cruise in before we had to return the car.

While driving through Topanga Canyon we stopped at a little vintage store called Hidden Treasures to take a look around. It was hippie and hipster heaven until I found a pair of used Levi's cutoff shorts marked at $45. I told Mike we had to leave.

*sigh* what a rip off...

Our last night we wanted to go big or go home so we made a reservation at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood for a late dinner and drinks. The Chateau Marmont is a famous hotel and restaurant known for hosting a lot of famous celebrities and scandals throughout the years.

Just as we expected it was pretentious as hell, but super cool. It was full of Old Hollywood glamour and they made the best Old Fashioned I've ever had. For $20 a drink I would expect nothing less. I was pretty happy when they brought me an extra one for free though *CHA-CHING.*

We sat outside on the semi-covered patio lit with candles and a fancy piano man playing in the background.

Like I said, pretentious as hell but worth it.

Afterwards we hit up Good Times at Davy Waynes bar for a quick drink before heading home. Davy Wayne's is a super cool "frat house" style bar in Hollywood that plays all 70s and 80s music. It was SUCH a cool atmosphere and is packed every day of the week.

Sadly, the next day was home time so we spent it mostly cruising around Mulholland Drive and swimming at Dom's before heading to the airport. We also had to smash In N' Out burger at least one last time before going back to Hamilton. If you've ever been to California you know how ESSENTIAL this is for your wellbeing.

Another week has come and gone and I'm so grateful I got to experience California with my friend Dom and my boyfriend Mike. It was so nice spending a week in the sunshine and desert with people I care about a lot and I can't wait to go back.

It was awesome seeing so many different things this time around, and the trip was so much more different of an experience than the last time I went. The city has so much to offer and there's always something new to do. We chose to skip out on the touristy things this time and just take the city in for what it was, and it was so worth it.

Next time - San Francisco!




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