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My Pescatarian Cleanse

Updated: Jan 31

Veggie Tacos using Yves Mexican Veggie Ground

I've been thinking about going Pescatarian for quite a while, but I never in a MILLION YEARS thought I could ever give up red meat or poultry. After my trip to Vegas last month, (which basically consisted of burgers, bacon, steak and beer 24/7) I came home feeling absolutely awful. I was bloated, constipated, achy and constantly had a headache. I spent the next three days in bed feeling like 100% garbage.

I decided to give myself a "cleanse" of some sort, and decided to try giving up red meat and poultry for the next few weeks to see if I would feel any better. Surprisingly, I had literally eaten so much red meat on my trip that just the thought of it was making me feel nauseous. Because of this, it was actually a lot easier than I ever imagined to give it up. I literally ate myself sick of it....who knew?

And so began a little trial period. At first, it was fairly difficult trying to find alternatives. I know that eating a mass amount of soy products is a no-no, so I had to find other ways to keep myself full. I started eating way more vegetables, and a TON of seafood. Basically I was eating seafood and veggies and rice every single day. Now that a few weeks have passed, I'm not eating nearly as much seafood, and I'm mostly eating meat alternatives.

I've found a love for the brand Yves and their alternative products. I'm eating more beans, dark greens, pastas and rice. I seem to stay relatively full, and I can tell my stomach is thanking me.

I'm less bloated, going to the bathroom more regularly and I have less headaches.

Now, I've had my "cheat" moments and I've indulged in a little bit of chicken here and there (maybe 5 times overall in the past month) and I think I've had bacon on my Caesar salads twice. However, for the most part, I seem to have been able to give it all up.

AND I'M EATING WAY LESS TAKEOUT!! And when I do have takeout, I'm looking for delicious alternatives that don't include meat (I've grown a crazy amount of love for Burrito bowls). I'm being forced to cook a lot more at home, and bring prepped dinners and lunches to work.

Perhaps this new lifestyle diet will become a permanent change? Only time will tell...

Hopefully I can keep these cravings (mostly for steak) at bay, and change over to a life without red meat!




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