• Queen Peasant

New Decade, Same Me?

It's officially 2020. What the fuck.

It feels like just yesterday I was sitting on my parent's pleather couch watching the ball drop on our tube TV, while eating a bowl of Millennios and being terrified about Y2K. How has it already been 20 years?

Now that I'm an adult (or so they say) I'm pondering about the next 20 years, and at the same time I'm reflecting about the last 20. I'm not usually one for resolutions, but heading into a new decade felt like maybe the right time to start. I didn't want to make a vision board because I don't have any magazines laying around, and I didn't want to just say a resolution out loud because Donald Trump says it won't come true if I do. Instead, I decided to sit down with my gigantic white board and an expo marker and write some things down.

Usually people make a couple of resolutions, but I wanted to change a few things in every aspect of my life. Health, work, money, friends...kind of everything. Now I have proudly hung up that white board above my desk so that I have to stare at it everyday. And now maybe, just maybe, I'll actually do some of them...or hey, maybe I won't. Whatever.

I hate the concept that resolutions have to start right on January 1st. Usually on that day I'm hungover as hell sleeping all day, and then I usually smash some McDonald's and a beer to ease the pain. I also pop several advils throughout the day. I think that if you are going to head down the resolution road, they should be general goals for the year. Something that you want to achieve or change, but not something that you have to diligently track every single day.

For instance, instead of saying you want to lose 25 lbs, just say that you want your pants to fit better, or that you want to feel more confident in a bikini. If you assign a number or a date to each goal, it's only that much more disappointing when you don't achieve it spot on. And then you're sad, and then your "year is ruined" and then you wait for 2021. However, if you put that bikini on in August and you're not terrified about your cellulite or stomach because you feel healthier (because maybe you went to the gym more, ate better, or both!), you have achieved your goal without wanting to blow your brains out. Maybe this is the lazy man's way of making resolutions, but to me it's more about feeling better about yourself in general rather than saying I HIT MY GOAL BECAUSE I LOST THOSE 25LBS.

Maybe you want to connect more with your friends? Spend more time with family? How do you put a digit on something like that? You don't. You just get up and you do it. Resolutions should be about becoming a better version of yourself because you actually want to, not because the clock struck 12 and the Earth revolved around the Sun that one time.

So if you have set goals for yourself or you haven't, just enjoy the ride. Do something little every day, week, or month that helps you feel happier, healthier or more connected to yourself or those around you. If that means take more naps, then do it. If that means donating money to a charity? Then just DO IT.

Enjoy your year. It's going to have ups and downs. No year is going to be "the best year ever." Something shitty and something great will happen no matter what, and that's just how it goes. This is life. It's not perfect, and it's going to be a rollercoaster ride either way. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride.




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