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Rewards Programs: This Month's Free Makeup Goodies

I love free stuff. Costco samples? Yes please! Beer promo items? Sure why not. Free makeup? Even more hells yes!

As an avid makeup collector, I have quite the collection of products in my home. I recently cleaned out my makeup vanity and re-gifted some products I no longer use, and yet I'm still left with a full vanity. But when I'm standing at the checkout counter buying more and you ask me if I want to use my reward points for free stuff, obviously I'm going to say yes.

Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards

Anyone who is somewhat serious about makeup shops at Sephora. And if you shop at Sephora you're probably a Beauty Insider. Their beauty insider program is great because for every dollar you spend you get points, and then you can use those points to redeem sample size products. They give you free stuff on your birthday, and depending how much you spend you can get free shipping online and get access to special products. Another perk? They have special sales just for Beauty Insiders a couple of times a year! If you are a real big spender, you get even MORE exclusive sales than regular insiders. I had some points saved up from the last little while, so when I paid my last visit I redeemed some points for two new products.

I always love using my points for perfume samples. I don't wear perfume on a regular basis because I'm allergic to fragrance mix and I usually breakout in hives and hate my life for a while afterwards. However, for special occasions or if I'm feeling fancy, I like to throw on a little bit of perfume and just deal with the consequences. These rewards perfume samples are perfect to have on hand for just that occasion.

This month, I redeemed 100 points for a Versace perfume sample. I love the smell of this product because it's a light and airy blend of florals and pomegranate. The full size bottle (3oz) retails for $126.00, so to have a little sample that will last a while is perfect for me!

I also redeemed another 100 points for a sample sized NARS blush. I love NARS products, and I have a couple in my vanity that I use on a regular basis including one of their blushes called "Lovejoy." The sample colour they were offering this month was "Orgasm" and it's a fun shimmery peach colour. I'm not crazy about super pink blushes, so the fact that it is so small is awesome and it will probably last me quite a long time. The full size NARS Orgasm blush retails for $40.00 at Sephora.

Back to MAC & MAC Loyalty Lover Program

MAC Cosmetics started their own rewards program called "MAC Lover" a few years ago, and it's a pretty fair comparison to Sephora's Beauty Insider program with similar perks. They also have a wicked incentive called "Back to MAC" which lets you to return empty containers for free products. When you bring back 6 empty containers (foundations/lipsticks/concealers etc.) you get to choose a free lipstick, eyeshadow pot, or lipgloss in return!

I recently had a ton of lipsticks I wanted to get rid of because I don't really wear them much anymore. They were bright and bold colours, as well as some really dark browns and reds that just don't suit my makeup style anymore. I didn't really know what to do with them, so I returned them to MAC in exchange for a new colour. I also had quite the collection of empties from the past year or two that were just sitting in a bag ready to go, so I brought those back too. In total I had 12 empties, so I returned them all for two new products!

The first product I got was a satin lipstick called "Retro." I pretty much exclusively only buy matte lipsticks, but since this one was free I thought I would try something a little different. The satin lipsticks are a nice mix of creamy product with a light satin finish. I picked the colour Retro because it was a nice peachy-brown, and I don't really have any colours quite like that, but I do have some lip liners that will work with it so I didn't have to buy anything new to go with it. Retro retails for $19.00 regularly.

The second product I got was a gorgeous shimmery eyeshadow pot called "Satin Taupe." I have been obsessed with MAC's shimmer shadows lately, more specifically "Amber Lights" and "Antiqued." Usually I build my own mini palettes, but recently I've been sporadically picking up individual pots. I picked Satin Taupe because it's a beautiful cool brown with a nice silver shimmer to it. It mixes so well with so many other shadows I already have so it was a perfect addition to my collection. MAC's eyeshadow pots are $19.00 regularly.

It was a pretty successful day, basically having to spend no money at all and getting some amazing new products for my makeup collection. I'm glad I spread out my points and picked a variety of products so that I can try some new stuff without dropping the dough on them.

The best part about these rewards programs is you really don't have to spend that much to get free stuff. Sephora's points don't ever expire, so you can keep collecting them and then redeem them whenever you're ready! MAC's middle tier of their program starts when you spend $150 and the highest tier of their program starts at $500, which isn't that hard to spend if you are obsessed.

Which let's be honest, if you are reading this blog, you probably already are.

Stay beautiful!



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