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Travel Diary: Costa Rica

Over the last week I had the privilege to join my parents on vacation in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica. For their 30th anniversary (wow) they took the entire month of February to enjoy some well earned sun and sand - and they brought my brother and I along for the first week!

Instead of vacationing at a resort, they rented an Air BNB and it really changed the entire vacationing experience. We got to see what life was really like there, and explore a lot of the little towns and beaches all nestled throughout.

The house was beautiful! There were so many areas to sit and relax beside the pool, as well as an upper and lower deck complete with hammocks for sleeping. The pool at the house had a little mini waterfall wall and a gigantic ping pong table (perfect for beer pong).

We flew into San Jose airport, and drove about 2 hours to Esterillos Oeste where the house was. My parents rented this *ghetto fabulous* SUV for the month, and we joked all week about how it would probably die on us at any second. But hey, it got the job done. I nicknamed it the "death machine."

The beaches were AMAZING and so isolated! Since we weren't at a resort, we basically had the entire beach to ourselves. The sand was hot, the water was wavy and blue and it was pretty much everything I could've asked for.

We ventured into Jaco (*hawk-oh) one morning to grab some cheap groceries, since we cooked basically every meal at the house. We also loaded up on lots of booze, including tons of local beers and drinks!

Jaco was a little more of a tourist-y town, so we also browsed the shops all along the streets and checked out the beautiful beach there as well. And of course, we picked up some super super fresh local fish from the Fish Market. The freshest and tastiest tuna I've ever had in my life!

I tired a few local craft beers while I was there, and the flavours were incredible! My favourite was the Blueberry Weisse Beer (left) and the Summer Ale (middle). They were a little pricy so I stuck to big brands most of the trip, but these craft beers were a must-try for me. I also tried a Hibiscus Ale on tap at a local restaurant and it was INCREDIBLE. They also made an amazing hibiscus margarita there too!

Mid-week we spent half a day in Manuel Antonio at the National Park taking in the sights of the jungle and the amazing beach. It was hands down the most beautiful beach I've ever seen.

Once we got through the jungle and to the second beach, my mum and brother ventured off on another trek while my dad and I enjoyed the sun and water. They got back from their trek just in time to catch some monkeys up close stealing things from some tourists bags! I managed to grab a few amazing pictures of the monkeys in between their heists.

After that, we basically spent the rest of the trip lounging and drinking and just enjoying some quality family time together. It's not often that we are all on the same schedule and it was nice to actually share a beautiful trip together.

My brother and I are home now and back to the grind, but my parents get to spend another 3 weeks in beach bliss before coming back to the crummy cold.

What an amazing and relaxing trip - I can't wait to visit again!




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