• Queen Peasant

When Two is Better Than One

Why have one cat when you can have two?

This is my logic, and clearly the logic of a crazy cat lady.

I told you the interesting story about Cosmo the Wonder Kitty earlier this year, and after some time he started to get restless and lonely.

How could I tell?


Since I recently moved into a Bachelor, apartment I had no where to hide from him. I had no door, no barrier and no will to live after a month. Me with no sleep? Forget about it.

Might as well take the express train to Bitter Town.

I constantly questioned what I should do and Google was getting old real fast with cat help forums. So I decided to go for it, and get Cosmo a furry little friend.

Maybe THAT will keep him entertained enough that I can get some much needed sleep. Now this plan was either going to be the best idea ever, or totally backfire in my face and I'd be stuck with two cats and no sleep.

Luckily for me, it was the best idea ever.

And so enter, baby Astro.

I found Astro though Kijiji (which is not how I've ever gotten a kitten before) and it was an instant connection. He's all black with a little white patch on his chest, which matches Cosmo's white patch on his chest perfectly too. A match made in heaven! $50 later and he was ALL MINE!

Coming up with a name was hard. I threw some ideas around like Darwin and Hades, but my friend suggested Astro to stay with my outer space theme of names. I knew that was perfect as soon as I heard it. COSMO AND ASTRO, how cute???

It was a tough transition at first, since I've never introduced two cats to each other before and there's a lot of work that goes into it. In the end though, these two little fluffballs have become the best of friends. They are inseparable, and all day long all they do is play and snuggle.

The best part is: FINALLY I've been able to get some sleep.

It was worth the time and effort, and definitely worth the risk because now my heart and house is so full of love and happiness and I couldn't be more grateful for these two little loves.

Sometimes two really is better than one.



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