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Why I've Boycotted Delivery Services

Going out to eat is probably one of my all time favourite things to do. It's not really for any reason in particular, I just really enjoy the dining out experience.

Actually that's a lie.

I love the fact that someone is cooking food for me while I get to sit back and enjoy an ice cold beer.

When I was younger, takeout or delivery was a RARE, and I do mean VERY RARE occasion, saved exclusively for pizza and Chinese food. However, lately delivery Apps have basically taken over the world and now you can order anything and everything for delivery

...like breakfast...coffee...an icecream cone...or movie theatre popcorn...or a poptart....and the sad part is I'm not not even kind of joking.

These are legit things you can order for delivery. THINGS THAT ARE NOT MEANT TO BE ORDERED FOR DELIVERY.

My problem with these Apps go far beyond the basic laws of what should and should not be delivered. Working in a restaurant that offers these services, I've noticed a huge change in the dining experience. I really do feel that in the next few years, dining out will become extinct. More often than not, I have 20 delivery orders sitting in the bar ready to go, and only 5 or 6 tables in the actual bar. This was not the case 2 years ago before these services existed.

This is wrong on so many levels, and I just had to break down my issues one by one for you so that you can understand why I personally hate handing money over to these people, and why I'm forever boycotting corporate delivery Apps.

The Apps are Dishonest

Okay, maybe not ALL of the Apps are dishonest - but this one is especially pointing to Skip the Dishes. Over and over again I've had orders ready to go sitting in the bar for over an hour with no courier coming to pick them up. What does the App tell the customer? That there is an issue in the restaurant or the "restaurant needs more time preparing your order."


I'm sorry, but when I request a courier in 30 minutes (which I cannot go back and change the time) the food is *most of the time* sitting there ready to go after 30 minutes. Sometimes, a courier shows up almost AN HOUR (I kid you not) after the food is ready. Sometimes we make food orders more than once to make sure they're piping hot for the couriers arrival, only to have the courier arrival time bumped up more and more and more. Trust me, this is not an issue with the restaurant. This is an issue with the App, and I DESPISE that they do not take accountability for this and instead blame it on us.

Another fun fact? If the driver sees your order or tip amount, and decides it isn't worth their gas/time/effort, they can actually bump your order to a different driver. So when you see that time on your App climbing and climbing, it's because they think you're cheap or not worth the time (to put it bluntly).

It Does a Disservice to the Restaurant

Let's say you want a really nice steak, with some french fries and some veggies, but you really don't want to get off of your fat ass to go to the grocery store and get the ingredients, or you just really are feeling too lazy to cook it yourself. Well tra-la-la let's order one for delivery.

Here's the scenario:

I want my steak medium! And crispy fries! And soft veggies! YUM YUM YUM I'M SALIVATING JUST THINKING OF IT!!!

An hour later your delivery driver shows up and you're just so excited to eat and you sit down and tear open your delivery bag and...OH MY GOD....This is not what I ordered!!!

My steak came well-done. My fries are cold and mushy. My veggies are so soggy!!!! This restaurant sucks and I'm never eating from here ever again!

Well...hold-up. When you order food for take-out you have to somewhat understand that certain foods don't travel well. Like, they really, really do not travel well.

Steaks continue to cook after they're taken off the grill. Especially if they're thrown into a box full of steam. Fries get soggy and cold real fast. And sauteed veggies last maybe like 10 minutes.

These delivery services do the restaurant a real disservice when it comes to food quality. What you get delivered to you front door is not going to be nearly as delicious as what you are going to get if you dine-in and get it fresh off of the grill or out the oven.

Skip the Dishes are required to carry a delivery bag with them in order to keep the food hot, however we have to constantly remind the drivers to use it. Uber Eats is not required to use a heat delivery bag.

You're also paying the same amount of money as you would if it did come straight out of the oven and immediately to your your face hole to destroy. The same amount of money for lesser quality food...why more people don't understand this blows my freakin' mind.

The Couriers are Rude AF

Oh my God, do I really dislike the couriers. We are not a fast-food restaurant, and I'm 100% going to put my attention and energy into spending time making sure that the people who do get off their butts to come out to eat and spend time in the restaurant get my full attention, first and foremost.

Don't get me wrong, I do my job when it comes to delivery services. I confirm the order, put it into the computer, hit send and wait for the bag to come up to the front so I can hand it to the delivery driver.

However, I refuse to give my table guests inadequate service because a courier is screaming his order at me from across the bar while I'm in the middle of taking an order.

Be patient. Wait your turn. Is this not something they are briefed on during their training? I get we're all trying to make money, but don't ruin someone else's experience over it.

The Couriers Make Way Too Much Money for the Work They Do

What a lot of people don't realize is that these couriers make a KILLING. On top of the tip, the driver also pockets the delivery fee as well as gets compensation for gas and cell phone data usage.

Let's do some math here...

Most places have a minimum $3.50 - $6.00 delivery fee.

Your tip options online are 10%, 15% and 18% (and I've seen orders come in for well over $150)

Plus gas and cell data compensation.

We're talking a decent amount of money here, just for one order. My issue is, they do little to no work to earn that cash (IMO). They come into the restaurant to pick up the order, impatiently wait for it, drive it to your house, hand you a bag within 5 seconds and then scoot away to their next order.

As the person doing the other half of the work which is confirming the order, ringing it in, making sure it's packaged correctly and ready on time - we make $0 from this transaction.

I have to work (decently) hard to make my tips as a server. I have to consistently tend to my tables needs and make conversation and make sure they have a *bomb-ass* time in order to make a minimum $3-5.

This just does not make sense to me. Some of you are probably playing devil's advocate right now and are thinking well why don't you just quit your job and work for a delivery service then MEGAN??

I definitely could, but I honestly don't want to work somewhere that I wouldn't give my own money to. I would be contributing to the problem and the death of dining out, and I'm just not okay with that. I think dining out is an awesome experience and that the people working for the restaurant industry deserve to make the money they do, because trust me, it's not an easy job.

Plus, I genuinely enjoy being a server 99% of the time. Except maybe when a guest is throwing their cooked eggs at me (true story).

Don't get me wrong, when I'm at work I'm still going to do my part for the people who do decide to use these services because that is what is expected of me, but I will NEVER give another penny of my own money to them ever again.


Your friendly neighbourhood server



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